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Two suspects arrested in Si Racha for allegedly selling e-cigarettes and vaping products


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In this village just outside Pattaya, two suspects have been arrested for allegedly selling e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

A team of Region 2 police arrested two suspects who were referred to in the press as Chorwin, 24, and Arnon, 27, at a shop on Sukhapiban 8 Road in Nongkham.

Police seized 52 e-cigarettes, 290 bottles of liquid and other items used for vaping. The suspects both claimed that the items did not belong to them and that they were just employees and were selling the goods on behalf of their boss that they did not know were illegal. Both men also claimed that they did not know exactly who their boss was, his name or how to contact him.

Police reported that the store had been under surveillance for some time and was a major source of evaporation equipment and supplies in Si Racha. Police spokesmen also told the press that they did not believe the statements made by the two men that they had no idea who their boss was and how to reach them.

Meanwhile, both men have been charged with violations of the consumer protection law for selling vapes and e-cigarettes. Region 2 Police are continuing their investigation to find the store owner for further legal action.

Thailand has some of the strictest vaping laws in the world.

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