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Two teenagers arrested in Kanchanaburi for prostitution of minors


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Two teenagers arrested in Kanchanaburi for prostitution of minors

Members of the Thai Anti-Trafficking Task Force have arrested two teenagers, ages 19 and 16, at a hotel in Kanchanaburi’s main district for allegedly engaging in a prostitution ring.

The officers also rescued two 15-year-olds who had been brought to the hotel by the suspects to provide sexual services.

Police said they had been monitoring the Twitter account “@aethanwawadi”, which offered to abuse girls aged 16 to 18 for a fee of 1,300 baht. The account, which only offered services in Kanchanaburi, has more than 7,000 followers.


“The two suspects, who claim to be 25-year-old mature women, would invite young girls to work in their companies,” police said. “They would take the girls to the hotel where their client was present and receive the money. They would then collect 1400 baht and pocket 400 baht as a fee and give 900 baht to the girls.”

The suspects reportedly said they ran their escort service for about two months as most of the brothels in the province have been closed due to police crackdown.

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