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Two Thai women in Khon Kaen arrested for their two “special” potted plants


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Two Thai women in Khon Kaen arrested for their two “special” potted plants

Police have arrested two women for allegedly growing some cannabis plants in their homes without permission. Khun Nang Mahasena, 70, and her cousin, 48, Boonseng Singhern, were arrested on March 19 by Ubon Ratana police. The police seized two cannabis plants, each measuring 140 centimeters in height and weighing 300 grams in total.

The two women are now being charged with unauthorized planting and possession of drug plants.

Nang told reporters that the police visited her home and asked if a cannabis plant belonged to her. She said it had grown inside her fence, so it was hers. The police also asked her, “Don’t you know it’s illegal?”

Nang said she was aware of the law, but she only had one plant and used it to treat her illness. Boonseng, who lives next door, said she also used the leaves of her one plant for medicinal purposes.

After spending a night in jail to ponder their misdeed, police released them on bail on Sunday for 10,000 baht each.

The two women joined 10 other villagers yesterday to take their stories to the local media to seek justice.

“We only grew one cannabis plant for our own medical treatment. Yet we were arrested and [originally] denied bail. We want justice,” Nang said.

Colonel Direkrit Panreunsaen, the capital of the Ubon Ratana Police Station, said the police were simply carrying out their duties, which is in full accordance with the law.

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