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Ugh! Woman finds full chicken head in hot wings box, internet SHOCKED


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Most people who like chicken can enjoy a nice bucket at the KFC every now and then. However, a customer from England was in total shock as she finished her meal. To her own surprise, she came across a fried chicken head in her hot wings bucket.

Gabrielle was shocked on December 3, when she suddenly grabbed an entire chicken head while consuming a bucket of hot wings. She immediately left a review at KFC and added a photo that clearly shows the entire chicken head. She was probably in a generous mood because, despite the shock, she rated her meal two stars.

The photo of her meal clearly shows the chicken’s head, beak and eyes. Gabrielle’s appetite all but increased at that moment. “I found a fried chicken head in my hot wings bucket that left me wanting the rest, ugh.”

KFC has since responded to Gabrielle’s incident and first of all makes it clear that it is stunned by the photo. The food chain has released a statement in which they joke that they can now be sure that it is real chicken. They explain that they carry out strict checks at all times and regret that things went wrong in this case. They also emphasize that this is a unique incident.

The company has also contacted the shocked customer. “We’ve been in touch with Gabrielle and offered her free KFC meals. We have also invited her and her family to meet our team and have a look behind the scenes so that we can regain her trust for any future orders.”

It remains to be seen whether Gabrielle will ever be able to enjoy a hotwing in peace, but the fast-food chain is hopeful and looks forward to receiving another five-star review from her.

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