Unvaccinated tourists allowed into Thailand by PCR test

Thailand has allowed entry into the country on a negative PCR test in the absence of a certificate of vaccination

Airlines received a telegram from the Thai air authorities with updated information about the rules of entry into Thailand from January 9, 2023.

Russian airlines have reported receiving a new telegram (NOTAM) with updated information on rules of entry to Thailand, the second in a day. A clause appeared allowing unvaccinated passengers to board the flight.

AZUR Air spokesperson confirmed that the first telegram from the Thai air authority instructed airlines to deny boarding to unvaccinated passengers. Under the new telegram, a passenger can be tested upon arrival.

“Airlines are required to check documents in accordance with these requirements. If a passenger cannot provide documents, he or she is tested on arrival.”

Russian airlines have already begun making changes to their memos. AZUR Air was the first to do this, publishing the following newsletter:

“Dear passengers! Starting January 9, 2023 flights to Thailand will be possible not only if you present a certificate of vaccination or certificate of convalescence, but also if you undergo PCR-test upon arrival in Thailand.

Thus, a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of convalescence will need to be presented at check-in. In this case, a PCR test on arrival is not required. If the passenger cannot produce these documents, he or she will be required to undergo a PCR test on arrival. To undergo the test, follow the instructions given by the airport staff. These rules apply to passengers over the age of 18.

This could be a way out for many passengers who have airline tickets for upcoming dates and do not have vaccination certificates. It is still an open question whether the PCR testing procedure will be free.

Updated: Thailand’s Health Minister suddenly announced Monday, January 9, that Thailand has abolished a weekend requirement to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 in order to enter the country.

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