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US gun shop to stop selling ‘Lego gun’


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An American gun shop has infuriated Danish toy manufacturer Lego. The Utah store sold a firearm with the distinctive blocks glued to it. The sale has since been stopped at the insistence of Lego.

“A childhood dream come true,” Utah gun dealer Culper Precision calls the Lego-decorated Glock 19 on Instagram. The company renamed the weapon Block 19. The lego blocks make the firearm resemble a toy gun.

According to the store, the thing stands for defending the right to possession of weapons that applies in the United States and is often called into question because of the many shootings in the country. The so-called Second Amendment. “We wanted it to be too painful to affect that right,” write the owners of the business. “For us, there was only one solution.”

The Lego pieces were glued to the weapon with superglue, after which other blocks were placed on top. The company reported on Instagram that the firearm was “surprisingly” capable of firing 1,500 shots in a row at a recent gun show.

The action shot the Danish Lego in the wrong way. At the urging of anti-gun activists, attorneys for the manufacturer sent a letter to Utah forcing the store to cease sales. The weapons were sold for a price of between 549 and 765 dollars (about 463 and 646 euros).

The owner of the case was pointed out by his lawyer that Lego had a point. “He said, is it really that useful to make a weapon look like a toy?” Brandon Scott told The Washington Post. Still, the company believes it has done nothing wrong. “People have the right to modify their property as they please.”

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