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VIDEO – Major fire causes serious damage to Walking Street nightclub in Pattaya


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A major fire broke out at a closed nightclub on Walking Street in Pattaya during curfew last night, causing damage estimated at millions of baht, according to firefighters.

The fire occurred around 9:30 pm last night at Nashaa nightclub, located on the south side of Walking Street near Bali Hai Pier.

No injuries have been reported from the rapidly spreading fire, although there is a major reason here, which is the curfew, which has been imposed from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am due to Covid-19 related precautions in Chonburi. In addition, nightclubs and entertainment in Pattaya have been closed for more than five months by government order to “prevent the spread of Covid19 virus”.

More than ten units from local fire brigades were dispatched to fight the blaze, which could be seen from several miles away and was widely reported on social media, with many residents concerned about the source and extent of the blaze.

It took a little over an hour to put out the fire using a fire hydrant and ladder, as seen below, and at the time of your news bear writing this (5:22 a.m.) the fire is still smouldering as firefighters build the and inspect the damage.

Heavy winds in the area and the building with many combustible items used as decoration contributed to the spread of the fire, according to firefighters, which at one point encompassed the entire sprawling nightclub complex that consists of multiple levels and areas. However, the fire service had managed to largely prevent the fire from spreading to other businesses on the densely packed strip of Walking Street.

Nightclub Nashaa presents itself as the “biggest, most famous and No. 1 Indian nightclub in the Pattaya area.” Before the Covid19 pandemic, the nightclub regularly attracted hundreds of visitors per night and was a popular destination for Indian tourists seeking nightlife.

Patvioda Srisuk, 32, a nightguard for Nashaa, reported loud noises such as an explosion before the fire broke out on an upper floor. Patvioda thought the noise was a thief at first and went to investigate, only to discover that a fire had broken out. Patvioda stated that he tried to use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, but it was too strong and he had to back off and call the fire service for help.

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. Your news bear Olleke Bolleke will publish further updates as they come in. Today will fire forensics to determine the cause of the fire. Initial damage estimates are at 10 million baht and could continue to rise, according to officials familiar with the investigation.

The video from The Pattaya News revealed that at least part of the building’s roof had collapsed during the fire.

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