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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

VIDEO – The Lam Chiang Krai Dam in Korat has been breached, army advises residents to seek safer places


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The Thai army of Region 2 announced tonight that the Lam Chiang Krai dam had been breached 15 meters in length and warned the residents of Korat to seek safer places, and asked people not to move. worry about their property.

Today at 7:40 PM, the 2nd Army Region posted a Facebook page announcing the people that the Lam Chiang Krai Dam had been breached.

Due to the water situation, the rise of the flood level is now very high, especially in the North Central region, the North East region, especially Nakhon Ratchasima, Chaiyaphum, so it was decided to break the dam to release the water in a controlled manner, in order to reduce the water pressure. reduce, the Royal Irrigation Department confirmed this tonight.

The Korat Community’s posting read the following:


Lam Chiang Krai Dam has been breached to reduce water pressure in order to avoid disaster.

The people living on the waterfront in the districts at the end of the catchment area of ​​Amphoe Non Thai, Non Sung, Phimai, and beyond have been warned to keep their household effects as safe as possible. People also need to ensure that young children and elderly bedridden patients are brought to safety as soon as possible.

Please pass this warning on to as many people as possible and follow government instructions.

Meanwhile, authorities have announced that the lower Lam Chiang Krai Reservoir will allow more water to drain from now on.

Don’t worry about property in case of evacuation, but worry about human life, that’s the situation right now.

Government police and administrative personnel have been ordered to conduct patrols to prevent opportunists from stealing other people’s property.

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