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VIDEO – The woman who allegedly cut the ropes of facade workers in Bangkok confesses she was ‘annoyed’


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The person who allegedly cut the ropes from which two facade workers hung while they were repainting an apartment building in Nonthaburi has turned himself in to police and confessed to the crime, saying she was “annoyed” by the men but had no intention of killing them.

The accused woman, a resident of the 32-storey apartment on the 26th floor, had initially denied cutting the ropes on Oct. 12 before confessing after being given CCTV footage, witness statements and forensic evidence implicating her.

The painters survived the fall after being rescued by another apartment occupant, who happened to be near the balcony at the time.

The perpetrator said she had not been notified of the painting’s work by the apartment management and that she had been afraid to see the men dangling from her window.

She has been charged with attempted murder and causing loss of power.

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