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VIDEO – toddler in Chaiyaphum watches as dryer catches fire


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This is the moment when a clothes dryer caught fire at a laundromat right before a mother rescued her son.

The boy was walking in front of the tumble dryer when the clothes inside overheated and burst into flames in northeastern Chaiyaphum.

His startled mother then ran to him and pulled him away just before the flames spread through the machine.

Terrified customers fled the store while a number of onlookers fought the flames with a nearby fire extinguisher.

A customer grabbed a fire extinguisher while another customer called the fire department. After the fire brigade had extinguished the fire, they assessed the damage. The fire did not spread and was extinguished after almost half an hour.

They said: ‘We are still investigating why the machine caught fire, but we believe it was because the customer put old clothes in it that should not have been used in dryers.

No one was injured, but some machines were badly damaged.

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