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Video: Western tourist attacked and injured in Pattaya


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A video clip posted to a YouTube channel reveals a western tourist being treated for a nasty head wound in Pattaya.

Sawang Boriboon medics patched the man up but he refused further treatment at Pattaya hospital.

At the beginning of the clip he can be heard arguing with Thai girls, ‘So what, you Thai people can just bottle anybody whenever you want?’

He can also be heard telling medics ‘that guy over there hit me with a bottle, f…ing a..hole.’

Pattaya police were also in attendance as the man was treated outside the Mong Lay bar in the city, but didn’t seem interested in making any arrests, or even inquiries.

Muttering ‘I’m not a girl’ the tourist, who sounds Irish, instead wandered off in search of ‘more whisky.’

The video notes simply said that a foreigner had been attacked in Pattaya.

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