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Warning issued as DEADLY OCTOPUS is found in Thai food market


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Warning issued as DEADLY OCTOPUS is found in Thai food market

Consumers and seafood vendors have been warned to be careful after a very highly poisonous blue ring octopus has been found at a street market in Pathum Thani on Sunday, November 29th.

Alert after deadly octopus found at market
A highly-poisonous blue-ringed octopus found at a market in Pathum Tani. (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources photo)

This warning was issued by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources after the animal was seen cooked at a night market.

For people that are not familiar with this type of animal, the octopus contains a very dangerous poison that is not destroyed by cooking and there is no antidote.

Consumers warned not to buy grilled blue-ringed octopus because it is highly toxic. (Photo from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources).

This sort of behaviour among Thai food vendors is becoming more common across the country as anything found for free is placed on sale and the consequences are never considered.

Sumana Khachornwattanakul who is the director of the Marine and Coastal Resources Research & Development Institute had stated that the woman who had seen the octopus alerted had the department but wasn’t sure if the octopus was poisonous or not .

“The woman who bought it said it was among grilled seafood also being sold,” said Ms Sumana.

Marine life experts are urging people to not eat blue-ringed octopus for sale at street markets. Photo: DMCR
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