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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Water situation at Na Jomtien Beach improving


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Water situation at Na Jomtien Beach improving

Following the public outcry over the discharge of untreated wastewater directly into the sea at Na Jomtien Beach in Sattahip district, officials say the situation has gradually improved as the water has become less murky in the last few days. However, a foul smell can still be noticed along the beach.

On Sunday, the Deputy District Chief of Sattahip, Wanchat Wannapram, said his district office coordinated with relevant agencies in Pattaya to bring in more pump trucks to remove the wastewater, which will be treated. Wanchat said the district office will consider closing the sluice gate and inspecting the wastewater being released by buildings in the area.

Residents near Na Jomtien Beach say they have often seen wastewater being discharged into the sea, especially when there is heavy rain in the area and they can smell it for one to two hours afterwards. Photos have been shared on social media and fewer tourists are coming to the beach for the time being. Residents have demanded that authorities close the sluice gate until the wastewater is properly treated before being discharged into the ocean.

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