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Well-known Thai stuntman kidnapped by one drug-smuggling gang in Myanmar


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The mother of a famous Thai stuntman has called on police to bring her kidnapped son home from Myanmar after he got caught up in a drug smuggling case.

Thai stuntman trainer Ramai Moripunt aka “Dan” is incarcerated in a Burmese prison after being accused of drug trafficking along with two Thai friends.

The 40-year-old travelled from Laos to Myanmar on January 4, with a friend named Chai, from the city of Tachileik in Myanmar’s Shan state, and another named A, who lived in Laos, on the pretence of meeting a Burmese film investor. .

Dan arrived in Wa state with his two friends after travelling for 8 hours and waiting for an investor who did not show up. The Thai stuntman trainer was about to leave home but was persuaded to stay longer when his friends tried to find another investor. But during the waiting period, they were all arrested by the Burmese army, accused of defrauding the army chief of 24 million baht to buy drugs. They were subsequently imprisoned in the Wa Self-Administered Division prison by the United Wa State Army.

Dan managed to inform his mother of his plight through the LINE application, he told his mother that he was chained by his legs and forced to work from 5 am to night every day .

Dan said he had to share a small amount of rice and cooked vegetables with 10-20 prisoners every day and was starving. He told his mother that he was exhausted from a combination of working hard, eating little and not sleeping at night because rats ran all over him. Dan said he didn’t want to risk trying to escape because he’s afraid of getting shot.

Yesterday, Dan’s mother, Kam, handed over a letter to the Royal Thai Police Commissioner, Suwat Kangyodsuk, and the Royal Thai Police’s Assistant Commissioner, Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, asking for help and pleading his innocence, adding that her son was lured by friends involved in drug trafficking.

Media reported yesterday that Dan is expected to be transferred to a prison in a Burmese city about 150 kilometres parallel to the Fang district of Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand.

The Royal Thai Army’s 3rd Army Region shed more light on the matter last night, saying the Thailand and Myanmar Township Border Committee had coordinated with Myanmar to rescue the man.

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