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Which Asian country is ideal for the foreign retiree?


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Which Asian country is ideal for the foreign retiree?

Once you’ve made the decision to retire abroad, the next big decision is where to live for the fall of your life. Asia is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse regions in the world. Each Asian country offers unique and desirable characteristics for ex-pats looking to retire abroad.

So which country should you choose?
Well, according to International Living’s list, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka are the top 5 countries in Asia where people enjoy a wonderful retirement.

The criteria they used to analyze each country are grouped into thirteen categories: purchase and investment potential, rental opportunities, benefits and senior discounts, ability to obtain visas and residence permits, cost of living, assimilation, entertainment and amenities, health care, healthy lifestyle, Level of development of the country, climate, opportunities and governance.

1. Malaysia
No wonder Malaysia was voted the best Asian country to retire as an ex-pat.

Malaysia, located south of Thailand, is known for its vast and beautiful beaches, pristine rainforests and the setting of its numerous beautiful islands.

Although the official language of the country is Malay, English has become an unofficial second language in the country. It is widely used, which will certainly make the move easier for retirees.

Malaysia should also be a top priority for retirees seeking adventure. The country is large and offers a wide variety of terrains and adventures to explore. Due to its location, you also have most of Asia within reach. Travelling between countries is extremely easy, allowing you to discover the full potential of Asia.

  1. Thailand 
    A close successor to Malaysia is Thailand. As Malaysia’s northern neighbour, it’s no surprise that Thailand has come second as a sought-after retirement destination for ex-pats.

Known as ‘The Land of Smiles, Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to the aspirations of retirees.

The countries have a low cost of living, warm water coasts, tropical climates, a tax-free foreign income system for expatriates, a rich and pristine culture, and relatively standardized hospital care.

Thailand also offers easily accessible annual visa extensions for ex-pats who have chosen to retire in Thailand, making Thailand a destination for long-term retirement.

  1. Cambodia
    Cambodia has long been emerging as one of the most desirable countries to retire.

As the country continues to grow, Cambodia offers the benefits of beautiful scenery and a warm climate, along with the convenience and convenience of a major international connection.

A major benefit of retiring in Cambodia is the ability and convenience to obtain a long-term visa. Many Asian countries may have strict income requirements for long-stay visa approval, while Cambodia does not.

  1. Vietnam
    If you are looking for a new experience, a different environment and at the same time your retirement budget, Vietnam should be at the top of your list.

Like its neighbouring countries, Vietnam is known for its beautiful scenery and warm climate, but it also offers a variety of healthy and delicious dishes.

One of the reasons Vietnam is lower on the list than its Asian neighbours is that there is no government-issued retirement visa yet.

This can complicate a long-term stay in the country. You can extend your visa while you are in the country which makes the renewal process easier, but the longest visa currently in force is a 3-month visa.

  1. Sri Lanka
    Last on Thailand’s Olleke Bolleke list of the five countries in Asia is Sri Lanka.

Unlike many other Asian countries when it comes to the beautiful and stable climate, Sri Lanka offers a constant and homogeneous temperature all year round. Sri Lanka is also known as a multicultural country, allowing ex-pats to discover and navigate a wide variety of cultures.

Sri Lanka offers a ‘Dream Home Visa Program’ which allows retirees over 55 years of age who meet the country’s ex-pat financial minimum to obtain a two-year visa with the option of extension.

These are the results of the International Living list. I would also possibly include Indonesian Bali and the Philippines.

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