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Woman accidentally breaks $42,000 Jeff Koons statue


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A visitor at an art fair in Miami got the shock of her life on Saturday. A woman knocked over a porcelain figurine by the famous artist Jeff Koons. The estimated value of the artwork is $42,000.

The incident occurred during the opening of an art show at Art Wynood in Miami. The statue was part of the famous artwork series Balloon Dog’. Visitors tell American media that they saw a woman touch the artwork, after which it fell to the ground and broke into thousands of pieces. Oof…

A spokesperson for the gallery says that the woman feels extremely guilty and that fortunately, she does not have to pay for the artwork. The costs are covered by the insurance. The shards of the broken statue have been swept up and are temporarily stored in a box.

Jeff Koons has made thousands of balloon dogs varying in size and color. Due to the incident, only 798 of the small blue statue are left. According to the spokesman for the gallery, this has increased the rarity and the value will increase.

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