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Woman who threw her baby into a container alive gets four years in prison


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31-year-old Tobiosa R., who threw her newborn daughter into a container alive, will receive a four-year prison sentence. This was decided by the court in Amsterdam after she was found guilty of attempted manslaughter.

On the night of October 26, 2014, the woman left the child in a buttoned plastic bag in a garbage container in the Fritz Conijnstraat in Amsterdam. A passer-by heard a screeching noise coming from the container and decided to call the emergency services. After the discovery, the now 7-year-old girl was placed in a foster family where, according to the court, she is doing well.

In a police interrogation, the woman confessed that she had thrown the child into the container. She later retracted that confession, saying she had been raped by two men. She then gave the child to the two men, who would later have told her that the girl had died and had been buried.

According to the court, R.’s statement is not credible. She gave contradictory information and she had knowledge about the incident that only the perpetrator could have known. The court also considered the woman’s intellectual disability in the verdict. However, it is not clear why the child was thrown into the container.

R was arrested in Germany in April 2021, after her fingerprint matched traces found in 2014 on the bag containing the ‘container baby’. After the baby was rescued from the container, the police started an extensive investigation, but at the time it was of little consequence. During an international check, the police found the woman. After further DNA testing, it could be established with certainty that the woman is the girl’s mother. In May last year, she could finally be handed over to the Amsterdam police.

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