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Woman’s Face Burned By Skin Tightening Procedure


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Horrifying pictures show how a woman suffered second degree burns on her face after a botched sting tightening procedure.

The 48-year-old woman, who has not been named, was left in ‘’excruciating pain’’ after the face lift procedure was done in a clinic in Taipei, Taiwan, several weeks ago.

Doctors said had paid for a Thermage treatment, which was supposed to tighten and smoothen the skin on her face.

The procedure used radio-frequency to heat the surface of the skin and stimulate the growth of new collagen.

Everything was normal after the treatment and she was able to go home. However, when she reached home, she started feeling a burning sensation on her face which turned red followed by the appearance of blisters.

She went to the hospital and found out that she suffered from second-degree burns. She was then taken into intensive care and stayed there for three weeks.

Dr Lin Shang-li of the Shang-Li Dermatologic and Aesthetic Clinic in Taipei, revealed the details of the botched cosmetic surgery after the woman came to him for help repairing her skin.

He has now warned others about the dangers of using the treatment.

Dr Lin said: ‘’More often than not, the burnets are caused by the strength of the treatment. ‘’She wouldn’t have been able to tell them whether it hurt or not, leading to over-treatment and eventually burn injuries.’’

‘’The woman was under general anaesthesia (GA) and added pain control when Thermage (CPT 900) level 6 and a Korean HIFU was carried out.

Dr Tingsong Lim, a cosmetic surgery expert, said the woman was left in ‘’excruciating pain’’.

He added: ‘’She started developing excruciating pain and blisters after she was sent home. She took herself to a hospital and was admitted into ICU for 3 weeks. It is such a sad case to happen and we really regret that things turn out so badly. Therefore, it is very important for us to educate the public.’’

Dr Tingsong warned customers having non-invasive procedures to avoid general anaesthesia as ‘’skilful doctors will minimise the discomfort’’.

He added: ‘’Many patients settled for cheaper options, thinking that it’ll save money, by reducing the number of treatment lines and go for higher energy, compromising safety of the procedure. When things are cheap, you will find out why it is cheap.

‘’For aesthetic procedures, more always is not good. It’s about getting it ‘just right’. Patient has to know that ‘less is more’, that using the highest energy or volume, will not always turn out to be better.

‘’Therefore it is not wise to push your doctors for higher power when treatment is being done.

‘’Remember, there’s nothing wrong about wanting to look pretty and stay stunning. However, safety and quality must come first. Do your due diligence before getting your treatments done, and make sure the procedure is done by qualified doctors with proper license and training.’’

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