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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thai Woman Is ‘World’s Most Beautiful Triathlete’


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Meet the stunning fitness fanatic who has been dubbed the world’s most beautiful triathlete.

Thunvarin Kittithammakul, 30, caught public attention after attending the Pattaya Beach Run in Chonburi, eastern Thailand.


Onlookers were amazed by her flawless complexion and perfect figure while she was jogging around the course.

Local media have now dubbed her the ‘world’s most beautiful triathlete’.

Thunvarin said that she was never interested in sports or working out until she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Exercise helped to strengthen her spine and she then her attractive looks also landed her modelling jobs.

Thunvarin said: “I had to lose weight otherwise my back would hurt a lot. So I started to look for types of exercises which were fun and I could enjoy alone.



‘’Then one day a friend of mine introduced me to cycling and I became obsessed ever since.’’

The athlete began cycling and then started running several years ago. She was a finalist in the Bike Angel competition in 2016. She is now working as an emcee in sports events and also doing glamorous promotional work.

Thunvarin said that she competes in cycling competitions in different provinces around Thailand, so she can appreciate the beautiful scenery which makes her relax.


“You will see more details when you are cycling like you will see the person walking, birds flying or something like that and these make me very happy,” she added.

After four years of biking, Thunvarin is now developing her passion for triathlon as she finds that running and swimming also give her positive energy.

She has been attending running events and practices swimming on the weekends frequently to strengthen her body for triathlons.

She said: “In the past, I cycled just for fun. But as I’m interested in a challenging path, I need to be stronger in order to perform well and not get hurt during the race.”

The dedicated athlete has a strict diet that she follows – eating only healthy food – and works out several times a week.

She added: ‘’I like to look beautiful as well as be healthy so I put aloe vera after I’ve had a long, hard day. It’s very good for the appearance.

‘’It’s a very big compliment when people say I’m a beautiful athlete. I’m very thankful.’’

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