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Young volunteer firefighter hailed as a hero after losing his life in the hellfire of Samut Prakan


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The body of Korasit Roaphan, the 19-year-old volunteer firefighter who died in a chemical fire in Samut Prakan on Monday, was taken to Wat Thung Khru in Bangkok on Tuesday for funeral rites.

Young Korasit, of the Somdet Chaophraya Emergency Rescue Unit, was killed on Monday while trying to extinguish the blaze after an explosion at the Ming Dih Chemical plant in Bang Phli district.

He was the only fatality from the incident, which also injured about 40 people and damaged 70 homes and 15 vehicles.

Thousands of internet users mourned his death, and thanked him for his brave service and expressed their condolences to his family.


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